Tuesday, April 26, 2016


This year we were able to go to California again for Easter! Its always so sunny and beautiful when we go. This year we went to the Ronald Ragan Library to take Stella's Frist Easter pictures in the rose gardens! All the flowers were so beautiful, and Stella was as happy as could be.

Daddy just looked so good with Stella, that Mommy just stayed behind the camera! I just love seeing these two together it fills my heart with so much joy. Look how handsome Jonny looks, and his little accessory is pretty cute to !!!

This was right about the time, where Stella was just starting to sit up by herself. Needless to say she did get a few faces fulls of grass during the shoot :)!!

We just love Stella Mae so much, we feel so blessed that we can be together forever! I never really fully appreciated or realized to its fullest the blessing of families can be sealed together for Eternity! Now that we are starting our own little family I am so grateful to have that knowledge. Its something that we have because our Brother Jesus Christ  died on that cross for us!!!! This Easter season was one filled with blessings and love for our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's Plan of Happiness!

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