Tuesday, April 26, 2016


This year we were able to go to California again for Easter! Its always so sunny and beautiful when we go. This year we went to the Ronald Ragan Library to take Stella's Frist Easter pictures in the rose gardens! All the flowers were so beautiful, and Stella was as happy as could be.

Daddy just looked so good with Stella, that Mommy just stayed behind the camera! I just love seeing these two together it fills my heart with so much joy. Look how handsome Jonny looks, and his little accessory is pretty cute to !!!

This was right about the time, where Stella was just starting to sit up by herself. Needless to say she did get a few faces fulls of grass during the shoot :)!!

We just love Stella Mae so much, we feel so blessed that we can be together forever! I never really fully appreciated or realized to its fullest the blessing of families can be sealed together for Eternity! Now that we are starting our own little family I am so grateful to have that knowledge. Its something that we have because our Brother Jesus Christ  died on that cross for us!!!! This Easter season was one filled with blessings and love for our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's Plan of Happiness!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Stella meeting the Family in North Caroina

We were so excited to go visit North Carolina, It was full of first for Stella. First time meeting all her Aunts, Uncles, and cousins except Uncle Jared and Aunt Shannon and or course cousin Colton, who she meets next month. First time being on a plane, first time in North Carolina!

Stella did great at the airport and on the plane, she loved to look out the window!! ( I don't know what she was looking at, after a while anyone would get board.... but not Stella !!) She never cried and she made mommy and daddy proud!!!

We were even lucky enough to have a open seat next to Jonny and I on our last flight that helped.

Deacon is such a baby lover, he just loves to hold and snuggle all the little girls! He was always running up so me after playing outside and asking me if he could hold her. He would RUN to the sink wash his hands and hold them out for me to see how clean they were, so he could hold Stella.

Both these boys always wanted to feed her and hold her and kiss her! It made me so happy that they loved her so much! It seemed like Mason and Deacon fed Stella most of her bottles... it was great !!!! Mason even put Stella to sleep and he was VERY proud of it, he told everyone in the house! He is such a good brother.

We went over to Vanessa's and Mikes House and hung out with them for a while. We even made it to one of Masons Basketball Games!!! He was so excited and was the tallest kid on his team! Watching a bunch of 6 year olds playing basketball was run and comical at the same time. Mason even made a basket!!!!! After the game we went back to the house and of course Uncle Jonny had to wrestle with the boys. They love Jonny so much, it makes me so happy that Jonny wants to live near all the nephews and nieces, because he wants to play and spend time with them. Throughout the whole trip, Jonny would disappear, next thing I know he is walking in with the boys from walking in the woods, or down stairs watching curious George with the kiddos.

All the grand kids LOVE Pa, of course they LOVE Grammy to, but when Pa whips out  POPPY The Sailor Man on his phone things get serious!!!! This kept them busy for a long time, I was impressed.

Stella loves to get rocked, and its even better when Pa rocks her and sings to her! I just love seeing my parents with all the grand kids, because I feel like it gives me a glimpse of how they treated us as kids. My parents are the BEST, I'm so lucky to have been so blessed to have such a great mom and dad, but now Stella has an amazing Grammy and PA!

Stella's Blessing Day

On December 13, 2015 we Blessed Stella. It was really special that my parents were able to come down as well as my grandpa Hardy from Louisiana. There are 4 generations in this picture, I wish we lived even closer to family so they could have all shared Stella's special day!
Jonny did such a good job with Stella's blessing, he didn't even skip a beat even when she started crying. (thankfully she was able to recover quickly) I am so thankful that I have such an amazing man by my side, who wants to bless our children as much as I do, and I'm so thankful that he was able to give the baby blessing.
In the blessing circle we had Jonny, my father, my grandpa Hardy, David Holden, and our friend Kirk Ashdown. Stella was sure surrounded by lots of love.

Here, There and Everywhere!

I think we move to much, but ya gotta do, what ya gotta do! We really loved our apartment in Houston, and we where super blessed to have Jonnys family in town to help us move. It seems after moving 5 times, within 3 years we got it down to an art!

the day before the move, Stella was just as worn down as the rest of us. We picked up our truck and we loaded and loaded till everything was packed, thank goodness for family and friends. With a newborn, moving would have been a disaster !!!!

The next day we where up and at em, pretty early! Jonny was driving, Stella was snug in the middle and me on the other side. Stopping to feed and change her every 3 hours or so, it went a little slower than planned, but She did so great in her car seat we didn't mind stopping for her.
It seemed like we stopped a lot, it turned what was suppose to be a 10 hour day of driving to a 15-17 hour day.
Stella was a dream in her car seat, she would just look up at us and smile.... then fall right back to sleep. I thing the vibrations of the car helped her a lot. ( thank goodness) Some roads that we were on were pretty bad, and her little cheeks where jiggling to death. I was a little worried, I felt like it was going to give her shaking baby syndrome!!!

turns out, that our truck was defective and we broke down in the middle of Nebraska. Luckily Jonny was able to get ahold of a tow truck and we where towed to the next town, back behind us an HOUR!! It was new years eve, so we spent our last night of 2015 driving. Jonny even pulled over when it struck midnight and we had our 12:00 kiss. We drove to around 3 a.m with only 4 hours to go we had to stop.

After what seemed to take forever, we made it home and our landlord Weston had the house heated, and even picked us up some pizza. He even left us some yummy goose jerky, that they made. It sure was a warm welcome, to our new home in North Dakota.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

NICU = Healthy Baby Girl

When we went in for Stellas first check up a few days after coming home, and the doctor was worried about her jaundice levels. We noticed that she was looking a little well... yellow, but I was in denial. I was trying so hard to nurse her and give her what she needed, but my milk supply was just not coming in!!!! ( VERY FRUSTRATING)  So we had her blood taken, witch made me feel so sad, because the guy was so rough!!! We got a call a few hours latter telling us that tella needs to come in to the NICU ASAP!

She was submitted with dehydration as well as jaundice....They put her on her little tanning bed and told me that I could not pick her up for two days!!!! That seemed like FOREVER, on the third day I was able to try and nurse her again and we where discharged latter that day.
I know that jaundice is a very common thing for babies to get, and that you cant really help it if it happens... but its hard not to feel hopeless! I cant even imagine to new moms that, have very pre-me babies that need to stay in the NICU for months! That would tare me apart, but we grow form those experiences, and they make us stronger! We where so blessed to only have to be back in the NICU for only three days!!!!
As you can see she got a lot better and when I took off her blindfold I got this look!! (Where have you been MOM) I never left her side! Jonny and I took turns staying at the hospital, but I couldn't stay away for too long. Thank goodness my mom was here to help us, in the hospital with spending time and taking shifts! It would have been a lot harder without her by my side, I truly have the best MOM ever, and Stella has a pretty awesome Grammy! We did learn that Stella like me, LOVES SOAKING UP THE SUN!!!!! ;)

Welcome Stella Mae Holden

Birth Date: November 4, 2015
Where: Houston, Texas Memorial West campus Hospital
Time: 5:04 P.M
Weight: 7' ll oz
Length: 18 1/2 in
Born Via: C-section
Features: Dark brown hair, a cleft chin, and the Thomas nose!

We counted right away all ten fingers and ten toes, she was perfect!!! It was so great to bring her home, when we sent out the pictures below everyone was so surprised about how much hair she had. I thought that she would have some, but not a full head. She was so cute and so small that I wanted to capture that moment, so latter in life she can see all her little features. So I took a little photo shoot of all the parts of her cute little body! (above)
We had a good friend in our ward, take some newborn pictures of Stella. She was about a week old and freshly tanned from being in the NICU for the past few days. I just love all the bows and clips I have gotten for Stella, but as a newborn her head look pretty small with a giant bow on top.

I decided that every year on Stellas birthday, I would get a picture of her with my pearls. Then when she turns 18 (oh my)!!! We will get her, her own set of pearls for grauation!

Grammy even made her a little pearl bracelet, that she had special for her blessing day.

We soon found out that Stella loves Bath time, like so many of her cousins. She was smiling and splashing from day one! She is not the only one that loves bath time so much, when we take her out of the water, and dry her hair it gets super curly, then fluffy. I think that when it gets longer we will have a Blond ringlet hair, Blue eyed girl on our hands. AND of course the wonderful  baby smell!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

New Home, New Adventure, North Dakota

since we got married 3 years ago it feels like we have chosen to become nomads, or so it feels. Moving from job site to job site gaining more experience, so one day we can settle down and feel comfortable where ever that may be... ( Hopefully North or South Carolina ) :)  First it was Houston, then Iowa, Illinois, then back to Houston, then out to now North Dakota!!! So you really never know where or what we will be do or doing..... BUT the thing is where ever that is we are enjoying the adventure and that is all that matters.

It was a very long drive up to North Dakota, right after Christmas break with a baby in the middle of the cab, but we did it. Four days latter we reached our new home, the picture below is our first night staying in our new place. Since it was late we ended up just grabbing our air mattress and TV, of course and relaxed for the rest of the night in our living room.
Its so cold here that when we go out on our adventures we have to bundle up pretty snug, she had so many layers on she barley fit in her car seat. The next day, a few members form our branch came and helped us unload our truck. While I sat back showing off Stella to all the woman who came to support their husbands :)
It turns out we have a lot of stuff, but I'm so glad that we actually have our stuff with us this time. It always makes it feel more like home when you can hang up your pictures and decorations. This is our gallery in our living room.

I think we all like our home here in North Dakota, I'm so excited for spring and summer I know it will be beautiful. With all the rolling green hills and open sky. Who knows where our next adventure will be, but as long as I am with my family.. I know I'm in the right place!